5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Josiah Loyarr, co-founder of the design firm Ninth & Everett, offers 5 tips for stress-free wedding planning.

Weddings can be stressful to plan, but working with the right people can transform that stress into excitement!

We love our job and have had the honor of working with clients throughout the country, showing them that planning the biggest day of your life can actually be fun!

Here are our top 5 tips on making your planning process less stressful:

1. PICK A PLANNER YOU TRUST5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

We have heard too many horror stories of grooms on ladders hanging decor or mothers throwing table cloths minutes before the ceremony starts. Regardless of your overall budget, calculating a licensed wedding planner into the budget is a must! Read reviews on trusted websites (WeddingWire), ask trusted friends who have had a planner in the past, and ask other vendors such as dress shops or caterers who their top recommendation would be.

2. GO ON DATES5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

We have to remind our clients about the importance of dates all the time! Take time to fall deeper in love with the one you are marrying! Commit to dinner with no phones and NO TALK of the wedding. This keeps the love and spark alive and gives you, as a couple, the opportunity to take a break together from the planning process

3. TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Get massages, get facials, go for a run. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself in the months leading up to your wedding. You get married once. Cherish the final months leading up to your wedding and focus on becoming the best YOU that you can be, not only for yourself but for your future spouse.

4. DELEGATE TASKS5 Tips for a Stress-Free Wedding

Your wedding planner can help you with this, but when your friends and family are wanting to help, let them! It’s important to have one cook in the kitchen (your wedding planner) but it’s a great stress reliever for that leader to be able to delegate tasks to your maid of honor or mother who wants to be involved in the planning process.

5. SIP MIMOSAS5 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning

Don’t forget, this season of life is a season of celebration. Our first meeting in our 4 meeting planning series that we offer to clients begins with popping a bottle of champagne. We are firm believers that mimosas make everything better!

Josiah Loyarr is the Co-Founder of Ninth & Everett – A Nashville-based Design Firm with offices in Atlanta, New Orleans & Charleston. (www.ninthandeverett.com)

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