Rusev and Lana: An Engagement Story

C.J. Perry (WWE and Total Divas star “Lana”) looked ravishing in her Olia Zavozina custom gowns for her Malibu and Bulgarian weddings. Now she tells OZ Blog how it all came to be with her engagement story.


OZ Blog: How did Rusev propose to you?

C.J. Perry: Miroslav Barnyashev (Rusev) popped the question in our swimming pool in Nashville! At first, I thought he was playing a prank on me and I asked him if it was the real thing. Rusev nodded and I started screaming for a straight 10 minutes. It was perfect. I loved that I never looked at the ring. He completely took me by surprise! You can watch the proposal on season 6 of Total Divas on E! network.


OZ Blog: How did you choose what to wear in your pictures?

C.J. Perry: Initially, I wanted to dress up as circus acts but Rusev refused to do it. The next best thing was to dress like “Nashvillians” who were inviting our guests to a Malibu and Bulgarian wedding. It was a way for us to tie both weddings together. In the end, I was thrilled with the outfits and final pictures.

Olia Zavozina and CJ Perry

OZ Blog: How did you decide to wear Olia Zavozina?

C.J. Perry: Olia Zavozina and I meet years ago through church and I called her immediately once I was engaged! I knew Olia would design a unique and beautiful dream dress for me. As it turned out, Rusev wanted to have a wedding in Bulgaria and I wanted my wedding in Malibu, California. We couldn’t decide on a location so we went with both! Now Olia had to make two wedding dresses… I had a vision and she made it a reality.

OZ Blog: What was your inspiration for your theme?

C.J. Perry: It was important for me to have a country feel to our engagement pictures. At first, everyone laughed at me (you can see the photo shoot unfold on Total Divas); however, Rusev and I love country music and Nashville and decided to have a photoshoot around that theme.

OZ Blog: Do you have any engagement photo advice for other brides?

C.J. Perry: It’s your wedding so do what you and the groom desire. Create your own traditions. Be unique and dare to be different!

Catch more of C.J. and Miroslav’s wedding journey on season 6 of Total Divas currently running on E! network and streaming on Hulu.

Video: Olia Zavozina On Designing for Lana






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