Wedding Wednesday Featuring Robin and Garren


1) We would love to know your love story, how, when, where did you meet? How did you know he was the one?

 Garren has always told the story of when we met better so I thought I would let him tell this one –

 “It was New Year’s Eve of 2012 in downtown Nashville. Robin and I had both, separately, experienced the roughest few years of our lives. Although we didn’t know each other at the time, fate was about to change all that. I saw her across the bar and she was looking like she was having a horrible time. Right when I saw her though, I knew I was going to marry her. Time literally stopped for 15 seconds! It was like something you see in the movies. Everything rapidly slowed down and then just stopped. All I could see was her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. Then, without warning, everything came back to. I tried my best to keep my composure, and thought to myself…. How in the world am I going to get to talk to this girl?!?! To make a long story short, I ended up asking her to dance and the rest is history. A year later I proposed to her on a beautiful night on love circle and it was one of the happiest moments in my life.”

 Robin – My mom has always said that when you know, you know, and that everything happens for a reason, you just have to see the good in everything. Moving from California to Nashville, and building a life, not knowing a single person within a 750 mile radius was incredibly difficult, but I am so thankful because in all of the craziness I found Garren who had also moved to Nashville from Knoxville the same year I had. From the first hello I found I just knew, just as he had that night, that he was the one I was going to marry and we have been inseparable since the day we met. He is truly my best friend and I could not have asked for anything or anyone better to happen to me.


2) How did he propose? Did you know he was going to propose?

 Quite frankly, we were on the five year plan. I was positive of it. However Garren proposed on January 10th, 2014 much to my surprise! The whole week leading up to it he had been sick so I had not really seen him at all, but he kept reminding me that we had a date that Friday and to just be excited. As the day approached I grew more annoyed than anything because I hate surprises and he was tight lipped as ever whenever I asked. He came and picked me up that night and he said that we had one stop to make before going to dinner and starting the night. We drove up to Love Circle, which is also the place we went on our first date, because I was astounded that he had never been there. It was cold that night and it was terribly muddy so being the girl I am, I tried to talk him out of staying up there too long. It is all such a blur from there but I do remember, him asking me if I could remember where we were a year ago that night, which was that very spot and then continued on with how much he loved me… It was only a few seconds later that I realized he was down on his knee, the goofiest grin across his face, asking me to marry him. He, to this day, says that I had literally the worst reaction ever because I was caught so off guard I couldn’t speak! After asking for the fourth time, I was able to finally verbalize a very happy and very excited yes. Immediately after he asked if I was ready to go celebrate and then called out “Alright everyone come on out!” Which than came out my mom, who had flown out from California, his mom and younger brother, who had driven out from Knoxville, his oldest brother who had flown in from Seattle and several of our incredibly close friends from here in Nashville. There is absolutely no better way that I could have imagined it, he had put so much thought and time and planning into it, it was just simply perfect.



 3) Tell us about your wedding?

 We are getting married October 10th of this year at Owen Farm in Chapmansboro, TN. It is everything we have ever dreamed of and the theme is very rustic chic, and there are plenty of DIY pieces we are excited about. It is subsequently also the only place we actually visited in person and fell in love with it at first sight. Deciding on the location was a little difficult at first, with the majority of my family in California and spread out across the country and his in Knoxville, TN, we were torn. But our life is in Nashville, and so in the end it wasn’t as difficult of a decision and one everyone has respected. With Garren being in the police academy it has proved a little challenging at times, but I have an incredible group of girls that has come to my rescue when I need them. We have a few things to settle on and have the big ones taken care of, but I am most excited for the cake! My mom and grandmother used to make these gorgeous elaborate wedding cakes, and so my mom and I will actually be making ours together, which means the absolute world to me because it is a passion we both share!


4) Finding your gown, how was your experience? Who came to the appointment with you? How did you know which gown was the one for you?

 I won’t lie I was terrified to start looking for my dress. In the past, friends had, had nightmare scenarios and every one of them had played out in my head the week leading up to it. The Saturday in August I found my dress was a pretty big day, cake tastings and one dress appointment were all set, my mom had flown in from California, Garren’s mom came in from Knoxville, and while the morning of cake tastings went fantastically, the only dress appointment I had was a disaster. As we were leaving we remembered that Olia Zavozina was recommended by one of the bakery’s that we had, had a tasting at and so we called as soon as we left the other bridal shop and were able to squeeze in late that afternoon. The difference in experience coming to Olia’s was incredible, virtually night and day, and I knew that being there I was going to find my dream dress! Cara, lead me around and showed me all the dresses that fit the look I was going for and after falling in love with the first dress I tried on, she suggested another dramatic, lace gown just to be positive that the one I had on was “the one.” Thank God she did. I sat in that second dress for what seemed like hours, and never wanted to take it off. There were all the tears from the moms, and even myself, that I had hoped for, and the overwhelming feeling of “this is it.” It is incredible mix of everything that I had ever wanted in my wedding dress, and I absolutely cannot wait to get married in it!




Wedding Wednesday’s featuring Colby and Ben

Here at Olia Zavozina we try and get to know our brides and a little bit about their love story. However, to get to know them a little better we have begun featuring one bride per week along with details about their proposal and the big day. This will be our Wedding Wednesday blog!

 This week we spoke with Colby Tillman about how her and fiancé Ben met and their romantic engagement. This is truly like reading a fairytale. Their story could not be more perfect.


 1) We would love to know the details of your love story, how and when did you and your fiancé meet? How did you know he was the one?

 My best friend and I decided we wanted to try out Crossfit. We looked up gyms that were close to our home and found Go Crossfit in Cummins Station. We sent emails back and forth (with Ben) to figure out a time we could come see the gym and get our fitness assessment. Ben thought I was a guy who was bringing in his girlfriend Brittany to come try the gym out. Little did he know what was about to walk thru the door.  It was love at first sight (for me at least). I thought he was the hottest thing I had ever seen in my life. Literally.  Needless to say, my best friend and I didn’t look at any other Crossfit gyms. I was infatuated with Ben as soon as I met him. I am embarrassed to admit but I called him my “boyfriend” long before he actually was (he was dating someone at the time). I even met his parents before we started dating and “joked” with my friends that I had just met my future in laws. Thankfully he and his ex broke up a couple months after we joined the gym. A few months later we were at a mutual friend from the gyms birthday parties and he asked me out. I thought I was dreaming. It was literally the Best day of my life. Until the proposal at least.

2) How did he propose?

 We went to visit some of our friends in Paris, France. I honestly had no clue he was going to propose on this trip because we just decided we were going to go 3 weeks before we left. I knew Ben didn’t have the ring yet because he isn’t the type that can hold on to something like that. I seriously thought there was no way he could get everything together in time. Little did I know how much planning he did in those 3 weeks.

 My grandfather taught economics at Sorbonne University in Paris. Ben proposed right in front of my grandfathers building. There was a string quartet that was playing and some of the students held up letters that spelled “will you marry me?”. When he proposed, it seemed surreal. It all happened so fast- its something that you always imagine (ever since you are a little girl) and when it happens.. it was the craziest/best/most magical feeling in the entire world.

 Ben wasn’t nervous the entire day until we got on Sorbonnes campus. I didn’t suspect anything until right before the proposal. Our friends brought champagne to the proposal location and we all celebrated. We had dinner that night on top of the Eiffel Tower at Jules Verne. It was the best day I could have ever imagined.



3) Tell us about your wedding, where will it take place? How has the planning process been?

We are getting married on July 11, 2015. We are getting married at First Presbyterian Church on Franklin Road in Nashville TN. Its the church my parents got married in back in 1981.

Our reception will be at the bridge building downtown.

I’m not sure that we have a theme but our colors are mint and gold. Bridesmaid dresses are in the mint color and Bens suit and groomsmen’s suits will be some shade of gray.

 We have gotten all the big stuff done (aka, picked a band, picked our food, picked out a cake, booked the photographer and florist)- we have small things left at this point.


4) Finding your gown: How was your experience? Who came with you? How did you know when you found “the one”?

We had gone to one other place before we came to Olia. I tried on 7-8 dresses there. There were a couple I really liked but I didn’t have the feeling about any of them like my friends described when they found their wedding dresses. They all told me that when you found the right one, you would just know it.

The next place on the list for the day was Olia. My mom and 2 sisters came with me. I only tried on one dress in the store because I fell in love with it. I am not a crier and I cried when I saw myself in it. I felt pretty. Really pretty. It was exactly the dress I pictured myself getting married in. It was such an amazing experience! My mom, sisters, Kara, and I all celebrated saying “yes to the dress” with a glass of champagne. I can’t wait for ben to see me in it!

Watch Colby and Ben’s romantic Paris proposal

We are so excited for your wedding Colby and Ben! Congratulations again, you are such a beautiful couple inside and out! 

What to wear to a wedding? A guests guide to the perfect outfit!

I absolutely love weddings.  I love everything from the ceremony, of course the gowns, to dancing all night at the reception.  However, wedding invitations can be quite confusing when it comes to attire.  Do I wear a formal dress? Can I wear a short dress? Does my date need to wear a tux or is a suit okay? What is black tie optional versus black tie? What do I wear? Here are a few tips to make things much easier when deciding what to wear to a wedding.

White Tie:

Ultimate in formality.  Men will be decked out in a tuxedo and it is not surprising to see tux’s with tails and white bow ties.  Women long formal dress.  This one is pretty rare to see but, every once in a while it will pop up.

Black Tie:

Tuxedo and bow tie, generally black in winter,  white tuxedo jacket with black pants in the summer.  Women can wear a long formal dress or a very formal cocktail dress.

Top: 1. Sachi Open Back Maxi Gown from Alice + Olivia at Shopbop 2. Nicole Miller “Midnight Sequin Stars’ Gown at Rent the Runway 3. Milly ‘Gold Metallica Pleat Gown’ from Rent the Runway 4. Halston Heritage Twist Front Gown at Shopbop Row 2: Ivy Gown by Badgley Mischka at Rent the Runway. 2. Navy Lace Sachi Gown by Alice +Olivia 3. Adrianna Papell Embellished Blouson Gown 4. Temperley London ” Be Romanced” Gown at Rent the Runway

Tuxedo Jacket: Ready Made Regent Fit Tuxedo Jacket from Brooks Brothers // Tuxedo Pants: Regent Tuxedo Trousers from Brooks Brothers // Shirt: Ten Pleat Tennis Collar Tuxedo Shirt // Bow Tie: Silk Butterfly Bow Tie // Silk Socks and Pocket Square: Irish Linen Square Handkerchief// Cufflinks: Cuff Link And Stud Set by David Donahue //Shoes: Black Patent Lace Up Dress Shoes from Brooks Brothers // Suspenders: Formal Braces from Brooks Brothers

Black tie optional:

This is where it begins to get tricky.  What is black tie optional? You can expect the wedding party to be dressed in tuxedos and formals dresses.  However, male guests can wear a tuxedo or a dark suit, bow ties are not necessary.  Women a cocktail dress, no sun dresses or skirts.  Black tie optional is a good way to make sure guests wear a suit without the pressure of black tie preferred.

Semi Formal, Evening:

Semi Formal is probably the most common wedding attire.  Men can wear a suit or a nice pair of slacks with a shirt and tie, it is completely acceptable to wear a jacket but, is in no way required.  Women can wear a cocktail dress or more formal skirt, most will wear darker colors in the evening but, bright colors and patterns are just fine.

Hayden by Olia Zavozina

Semi Formal, Daytime:

Similar to the evening, men can wear a suit or a nice pair of slacks with a shirt and tie, most will not wear a jacket.  Women same as the evening, cocktail dress or  skirt, bright colors and patterns a very common.

Polkadot fit and flare dress by Adrianna Papell

Ludlow Traveler Suit by J.Crew

Casual Wedding:

Casual weddings are becoming more and more popular as the bohemian and rustic themes are growing.  With Casual weddings men can wear anything from khakis with a button up to slacks and a tie. Women a fun flowy dress with flats.

Floral Printed Fit & Flare Dress | Flower Earring | Mint Flats | Ombre Marquise Bracelet | Sand Dollar Clutch

Beach weddings:

Beach weddings are the most casual however, this does not mean anyone should wear plastic flip flops.  Men do not need to wear a tie.  Women can wear sundresses rather than cocktail dresses, keeping them cool in the warm sun and sand.

Layered Silk Crepe Gown by Myne

CeCe by Cynthia Steffe

Lastly, the age old question can women wear black or white to weddings?  Women can certainly wear black especially to an evening wedding.  White is a little tricky.  The unspoken rule is do not wear white unless directed.  Personally I would just stay away from white all together and play it safe.  Also, be aware that more and more brides are wearing ivory, blush, and champagne as well as traditional white.  Another tip is to steer clear of bridesmaids dress colors.

Everyone at here at Olia Zavozina hopes this clears up your what to wear worries for your loved ones big day!

One of our favorite Rehearsal Dinner Venues

Nashville is growing at warp speed. For those planning a wedding and rehearsal dinner, sometimes the options are a little overwhelming. Here at Olia Zavozina’s we have decided to feature one of our favorite restaurants which is the perfect place to host your rehearsal dinner.

The Standard at The Smith House, the last remaining Grand Townhome in Nashville.  Built in the mid 1800’s, the home now turned restaurant gives a romantic Great Gatsby feel.  Inside, you are greeted by a friendly maitre d’, who is always dressed to the nines.

If you have a smaller rehearsal dinner group of 20-40 guests, you will be escorted to the Portico and Bay Window Rooms. Larger bridal party, no problem, the Grand Ballroom can hold up to 100 guests for a seated dinner. The Ballroom is also a wonderful option for receptions, especially in the winter months when the entire home is decorated for the holidays.


The Standard Main Dining Room

B ballroom w tables & Tree

The Standard Grand Ballroon

The menu options range from waygu beef, to sea bass, to exotic game which has recently featured, rattle snake, kangaroo, and elk. For your guests, I suggest choosing a set menu through their events department, one option serves guests a prime petite filet and bacon encrusted salmon (this all on one plate, talk about getting a bang for your buck) accompanied with whipped potatoes and the best asparagus I have ever tasted.



Before dinner enjoy a hand crafted old school cocktail like the ever popular Mule or a southern classic Woodford Smash which combines smokey Woodford whiskey, sugar, lemon, and refreshing mint leaves. Gin and Whiskey aren’t your go to drink? Not a problem The Standard also features a wine list and hand crafted wine cellar that will appease even the pickiest of wine connoisseurs.

P Bohan Portico

The Portico room.


Photos of The Standard cannot even begin to show the beauty of the mansion.  For more information on reserving The Standard at The Smith House call the Special Events Department at 615-775-8717.

Flagship Store


At Olia Zavozina Flagship Salon we pride ourselves on an intimate, fun, and relaxed experience. Our main goal is to create priceless memories for you and your loved ones. We know what it takes to make each bride look and feel their best on their special day.With our wide selection of gowns and our ability to customize all of our gowns to your liking, your dream dress is waiting for you just inside our doors. If you are lucky, you might have the chance to meet and work with Olia Zavozina herself!


The Experience 

On the day of your bridal appointment, the bride-to-be and her special guests will be greeted with champagne,mimosas or water upon arrival by one of our lovely consultant. The consultant will then show the bride-to-be and her guests to their seating area where the she will be asked to fill out a detailed form that gives us a better understanding of exactly what the bride-to-be is looking for. The consultant will then discuss these details with the bride (i.e. her wedding venue, the colors and feel of her wedding, what she likes and doesn’t like). Inspirational pictures are always welcome.

Don’t know what you like or what looks good on you? No problem! Our bridal experts will guide you through the process! The consultant will then begin picking out several gowns to get started and go from there based on the your feedback. When the bride-to-be puts on her gown, the consultant will add the finishing touches such as a veil, cap sleeves, a beaded belt, or a sash that will pull the brides look together making it one-of-a-kind. Our gowns generally range from $2,500 to $5,000. We have a sample rack of gowns that range from $500 to $2,000. The sample gowns are sold as is. The consultants at Olia Zavozina work to unite a bride’s vision and personality with a gown that will make her feel and look beautiful on her special day!

Book your appointment 


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